Did you notice anything new about the DEE lately? That’s right, we got a makeover! After n years, the first DEE logo is now retired, and the DEE has rebranded with a clean, fresh look. And responsible for this new look is DEE alumnus Samuel Teodoro.

Sam admits that he has always loved learning and finds fulfillment in continuously improving himself. His experience in UP was “very liberating”, and he thrived in the campus environment where those who pursue excellence were encouraged.

He grew immensely under the DEE, crediting the department with enabling him to identify his strengths, build good working habits, and get a glimpse of what life in the academe is like. “I was able to determine who I want to become and where I want to position myself in the future.” Sam says, referring to his current pursuit of higher academic studies in Korea.

The DEE faculty members can also attest that, as a student, Sam has always done his best in everything he does: from his engineering studies–Sam graduated as cum laude, and was accepted to four prestigious universities for his graduate studies–to his artistic pursuits like graphic design, which we have to thank for our shiny new look.

Sam’s advice to BSEE students reflects his own academic journey: “Instead of overthinking about how you will maintain or improve your GWA, rechannel your energy to finding or developing your love for learning and assessing what study routine works best for you. 

Learning and improving should always be your main priority. Your grades should only be a by-product of the things you have learned.” These are definitely words that could benefit everyone. (Aryan Paula Manalo)

The DEE Featured Alumni series is a series of articles that showcase the successes and accomplishments of the many BSEE alumni from UPLB.