Throughout the years, the University of the Philippines Los Baños has been marking up momentous and significant steps in history. With the help of the Office of the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors, colleges, deans, executive committee, faculty, REPS, administration staff, and students; the University unites to make a great impact not just in the Philippines but also in the world.

Therefore, as a member of a prestigious university, the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) is paving way to be a competitive and successful college by producing faculty, students, and alumni that will give honour and show excellence in their chosen fields; representing not just the university name but also the Philippines in a global context.

With the help of the scholarship program of the Engineering Research and
Development for Technology (ERDT) which UPLB-CEAT is a part of, the college is producing competitive faculty members and graduate students by means of giving scholarships in their masteral and doctorate studies. At present, the program has produced successful graduates locally and internationally, who are all contributing in research and development in different fields, in and outside the country.

In terms of students’ licensure performances, the college has been continually awarded as one of the top, if not the top, performing schools. For one, the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering has consistently gained the top spot for the past years, grabbing numerous places in the topnotchers list. It was also identified as a Center of Excellence and a National Center for Agricultural Engineering Research, Development
and Extension. The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering also gained top
performance awards for several examination performances; while the Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering was awarded as one of the top performing schools for the past years where their graduates also landing in the topnotchers list. The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, although did not always reach the minimum number of examinees to be awarded as a top performing school, has been continuously achieving a 100% passing rate every year.

CEAT Alumni is doing great in their respective fields. Some of them are now members of the CEAT faculty, some are in the field of research and development, and others are distinct engineers who are identified as great assets of their companies. Alumni from private sectors are now being tapped by the college to strengthen its academe-industry linkage program by means of On-the-Job Training offers and project collaborations. This
public-private partnership, between CEAT Alumni and the university through the college, also helps in raising Philippines’ competitiveness in the real world arena.

In every aspect, CEAT is doing its best to contribute in producing competitive alumni that will embody the Philippines internationally and globally. Aligning its mission, vision and strategic thrusts to the UP System’s, as well as the current needs of the country, the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology continues its pledge to produce quality engineers for a more competitive Philippines. (Mary Jane F. Gallardo)

UPLB 99th Loyalty Day (October 2017)